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Council discusses upcoming renewal levies
By Sherryl Sheets Richwood Gazette
Richwood Village Council members were told that there are three levies which are coming up for renewal.
There is a 1.2-mill levy for the general fund, which brings in $30,885, set to expire soon. After much discussion, council decided that it would put this renewal levy on the Nov. 5 ballot. This levy, originally approved in 2010, would result in no new money on residents’ tax bills if approved.

Planting season lags due to heavy rainfall
From staff reports
June has arrived but the month that marks the beginning of summer might have fields looking a little less green.
This spring, rain and severe weather has plagued Union County by creating flooding and oversaturating the sub-soil with rainwater, making planting season for local farmers a bit difficult.

The history, protocols of Flag Day
From Richwood Gazette staff reports
Flag Day is celebrated in the United States on June 14 every year. It is the day the US flag was adopted. On the same day, the Army celebrates its birthday.
As early as 1777 on June 14, the Continental Congress replaced the British flag symbols with a new design: a white background, 13 white stars on a blue field, 13 red and white stripes for each country. The number of stars increased when new countries entered the Union. In 1886, it was decided to celebrate the birth of the flag.

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