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BOR; a role of the dice
By Mac Cordell, Marysville JT reporter
The Union County Board of Revision has finalized its process for the year.
This year, 398 property owners filed appeals with the county’s board of revision, which hears complaints about property appraisals.
Every six years, the county auditor is required to complete a value assessment for every property in the county. The value is used to determine property taxes for each property. That revaluation was completed in 2019 and appears on 2020 tax bills.

NU to return to school five days a week
By Sherryl Sheets, Richwood Gazette
The North Union School Board voted at Monday night’s regular meeting to go to Learning Level 1 beginning Monday, Oct. 5. This means that North Union students will be attending class five days a week, and following safety guidelines.

Grant slated for homeless shelter
By Mac Cordell, Marysville JT reporter
Union County officials are using CARES Act funding to pay for a variety of items, including a possible homeless shelter.
Union County received about $852,000 through the federal Coronavirus Relief Fund.

Longtime bank employee to retire
From Richwood Gazette staff reports
Richwood Bank employee Nancy Wiley will be retiring Friday, Sept. 25, 2020. She was hired in March of 2001, and after training for three months, she took her spot in the Richwood office drive thru and has made that her home ever since. 

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