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Council submits drainage plan to contractor
By Sherryl Sheets, Richwood Gazette
Residents continue to attend the two village council meetings each month to check on any updates regarding the flooding issues residents have endured after heavy rains.

Volunteers welcome in preparing for Richwood Independent Fair
By Sherryl Sheets, Richwood Gazette
The 127th annual Richwood Independent Fair will begin Wednesday, Aug. 28 and the six-day run ends on Labor Day, Sept. 2.  Fair board members work hard for 12 months to get entertainment scheduled, attract harness racers and fans, get young people involved with their projects and the most time consuming event is preparing the grounds months ahead for opening day,

November election shows candidates and issues to vote on
By Mac Cordell, Marysville JT reporter
Local election officials say they are already preparing for November’s election.
“We are working hard, we have a lot of stuff to do,” said Brandon Clay, director of the Union County Board of Elections. “We are working to verify petitions and signatures, getting the new equipment ready, getting ballots ready. There is a lot of work to be done, but we are really excited for the upcoming election.”

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