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Softball group wants a signed contract
By Sherryl Sheets, Richwood Gazette
The North Union Softball For Girls (NUSG) organization came to village council’s Monday night meeting asking to sign a contract to use the village’s softball diamond facilities. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, no games were played, so the last signed contract was in 2019.

John Deere dealership celebrates 75 years
By Sherryl Sheets, Richwood Gazette
Parrott Implement recently celebrated their 75th anniversary.
The business started Monday, January 7, 1946, when brothers Don and Chester Parrott purchased the dealership from Tom Navin. When they retired in 1966, the business was taken over by Don’s son, Bill Parrott.

A snapshot of public transportation done right
By Mac Cordell, Marysville JT reporter
For the last 12 years, Carrie Woody has served as the director of the Lancaster/Fairfield Public Transit System.
The Mayor of Lancaster, David Scheffler, has called her “a rockstar in the world of public transit.”
Shuttles there work as part of an on-demand service that can be scheduled in advance or as needed. Additionally, the service runs several fixed routes each day.

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