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New Richwood business recycles old transformers
By Ally Lanasa, Richwood Gazette
Do you know what happens to colossal electrical transformers at substations after they are replaced?
North Union’s Business Advisory Council recently learned where the older equipment goes at Trans-Cycle Industries of Ohio, LLC, located at 150 Ira Bean Parkway, Richwood.
Craig Renner, the plant manager, gave the council a tour of the facility and discussed workforce needs.
The local facility recycles and disposes of electrical transformers, which can weigh hundreds of thousands of tons, and other oil-filled electrical equipment.

Public defender agreement increases to $600K
By Michael Williamson, Marysville J-T reporter
The contract between county officials and the public defender’s office has been approved.
The contract covers the relationship between the Union County Public Defender Commission, the Union County Criminal Defense Lawyers and the county commissioners.

Area man charged with burglary, abduction
By Mac Cordell, Marysville J-T reporter
An area man has been indicted, accused of burglarizing a woman’s home, assaulting her, then holding her there against her wishes.
A Union County Grand Jury has charged Tucker Allen Berridge, 23, of 9632 Wasserbeck Road, Prospect, with one count each of burglary and abduction.

Changes leave more time for United Way donations
Editor’s note: The following release was supplied by the United Way of Union County.
The United Way of Union County is making changes to better fund agencies in 2023-24 which means extra time for local non-profits to apply and more time for donors to donate and help fund basic needs in Union County.
United Way of Union County has changed its funding cycle from a traditional calendar year to a fiscal year to begin July 1, 2023 and end June 30, 2024.

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