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Solar farm deal could generate $2.6M annually
By Mac Cordell, Marysville JT reporter
The Union County Commissioners met recently with representatives from Frost Brown Todd, the legal firm hired to help the county commissioners negotiate with several potential solar developments.
Attorney Thad Boggs detailed the process solar farms go through for approval. He called it “labyrinthian.”

Village council proposes new park rules
By Sherryl Sheets, Richwood Gazette
Richwood village council members have dealt with many issues regarding Richwood Park and over the years, have made a list of park rules. Since they are just park rules and not enforceable by law, a new list was drawn up at a recent village council meeting.

The many faces of military careers; graduate promoted
By Sherryl Sheets, Richwood Gazette
Editor’s Note: This is the first of a four-part series of military stories that will run each week in May leading up to Memorial Day. The four stories are about four North Union graduates and their military careers after graduation. The Richwood Gazette would like to honor those military personnel who gave their lives to help keep our country free.
Kelly Green, a 1999 North Union graduate, has made the military a career.
Kelly Green began her nursing career at the University of Akron where she graduated college in 2004 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. She then entered the Army Nurse Corps as a direct commission in the rank of second lieutenant.

News regarding alumni banquets
By Sherryl Sheets, Richwood Gazette
The effects of the Coronavirus still continue to cause changes in our daily lives. It still makes us take precautions for public gatherings, such as upcoming alumni banquets. While some people make plans ahead of time to attend their annual alumni banquets, be sure to check the information below for any important announcements regarding the events.

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