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School board hires new staff at end of district’s fiscal year
By Sherryl Sheets
The North Union Board of Education met Monday evening to finalize items for the end of the 2014-15 fiscal school year. Board member Dennis Hall was absent from the meeting.

Busy weekend for Fourth of July
By Sherryl Sheets
As America celebrates its Independence Day this Saturday, remember to make it a safe family affair.

Medication dispensing exercise successful
From Richwood Gazette staff reports
How quickly can medication be dispensed to thousands of people in the event of a public health emergency? That was the question on the minds of Union County Health Department officials during a June 18 exercise. The exercise, held at a Northwest Columbus high school, involved more than 320 volunteers and over 120 staff from 11 central Ohio health departments.

New restrictions for probationary drivers
From Richwood Gazette staff reports
Drivers issued a probationary license will face restrictions on when they can drive and how many passengers are allowed in the car while driving based on experience instead of age. This change, beginning July 1, 2015, is a result of “Ohio’s Drive Toward a Safer Ohio Initiative,” and is an effort to increase the level of experience for Ohio’s young drivers.







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