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S & J  Automotive is open
By Sherryl Sheets
Nathan Kirby has been around vehicles his whole life, playing with them as a child, driving them as a teen, and now towing them. He’s expanding his fascination with vehicles, as he has opened his own business, S & J Automotive.

Albanese is named head of county senior services
By Mac Cordell, Journal-Tribune reporter
The Union County Commissioners have selected a local woman to run the day-to-day operations of Senior Services and Union County Area Transportation Services (UCATS).

Council expects new cruiser next month
By Sherryl Sheets
Richwood Village Council members heard Monday night that the new cruiser has been ordered through Bob Chapman Ford and the vehicle is expected to be delivered sometime in September.

Officials to create a county land bank
By Mac Cordell, Journal-Tribune reporter
Union County officials are in the process of creating a county land bank in an effort to help maintain property values and protect property tax revenues.









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