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Union County fields, lawns experience damage from Fall Armyworm outbreak
Submitted by Wayne Dellinger
The Fall Armyworm has taken over many fields and lawns across Ohio and more recently Union County.   Identified by daytime feeding and a very distinct inverted “Y” in their heads, they are so named because of their tendency to move in masses rapidly across areas feeding on more than 80 different crop species.

Richwood Council discusses permits for vendors, reads two resolutions to be approved this month
By Ally Lanasa, Richwood Gazette
The Village of Richwood Council advised Kelly Jerew, who runs the Richwood Farmers Market, to notify the police of solicitors who do not pay the participation fees but set up during the Thursday farmers market at its meeting on Monday.

Committee applies for grant to fund third phase of opera house restoration project
By Ally Lanasa, Richwood Gazette
The Richwood Revitalization Committee has begun the application process for T-Mobile’s Hometown Grant Program.
The T-Mobile Hometown Grant Program will provide funds for projects “to build, rebuild or refresh community spaces that help foster local connections.”
Through the program, T-Mobile is committing $25 million to small town grants over the next five years.

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