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Hitting the high notes
Balloon Fest artists discuss  motivation, musical philosophies
LeAnn Rimes reflects on early start in music industry
By Taylor Evans
LeAnn Rimes’ drive as a singer never had anything to do with fame. From the very beginning of her two-decade career, the country music superstar and All Ohio Balloon Fest headliner has been about the music.

Jack Blades says Night Ranger still has a love for the road
By Will Channell
If you were asked to picture a rock star, you’d likely conjure up an image of someone grungy, over-the-top and difficult to deal with.

Council hears concerns about flooding
By Sherryl Sheets
Richwood Village Council got an earful at Monday night’s regular meeting regarding the flooding in the village when it rains.

Evolution Ag opens doors in Union County
From Richwood Gazette staff reports
Union County farmers have a new choice for the purchase and servicing of farm equipment.

Safety tips for mosquitos and ticks
From Union County Health Department
Along with lots of rain, this summer has seen an abundance of mosquitos and ticks. The Union County Health Department is reminding residents to take precautions against mosquito and tick bites. These insects can carry harmful diseases, but you can reduce your risk by following some simple guidelines.







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