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North Unionís girls basketball and volleyball move up to Division II for fall and winter seasons
By Bob Putman, Richwood Gazette
After a long period of time competing at the Division III level, North Unionís volleyball and girls basketball teams will be venturing into new territory in regards to the post-season tournament.
Last week, the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) announced its new divisional breakdowns for the upcoming fall and winter sports seasons. The OHSAA board of directors approved the new divisions during its June meeting.
The Lady Cats were placed in Division II in both volleyball and girls basketball, in both cases, near the bottom of the Division II scale.

NUAC completes annual Richwood Sports Festival
By Aleksei Pavloff, Richwood Gazette
The North Union Athletic Committee (NUAC) held its annual Sports Festival this past weekend featuring several local participants as well as some from outside the village.
The Village of Richwood hosted this event with many community members taking part in the weekend race.
Usually held before Fatherís Day, the race around North Union High School and Richwood Lake emboldens folks to come out for a morning race and walk, according to NUAC President Reddy Brown.




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