June 13, 2024

In Retrospect

JUNE 13, 1924
June 12
Flag Day June 14 – Your Flag and My Flag (By W. D. Nesbit)
“Your flag, and my flag, And how it floats today. O’er your land and my land. And half the world away.
Blood red and rose red, Its stripes forever gleam; Snow white and soul white, The good forefather’s dream.
Sky blue and true blue, With stars that beam aright; A gloried guidon of the day, A shelter through the night.
Your flag and my flag – Oh, how much it holds! Your heart and my heart Secure within its folds.
Your heart and my heart Beat quicker at the sight; Sun kissed and wind tossed, The red and blue and white.
The one flag! The great flag! The flag for me and you! Glorified, all else beside, The red and white and blue.”

75 …

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