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November wedding planned
Kyle Glenn Oman, of St. Louis, Missouri, son of Dave and Pam Oman of Kannapolis, North Carolina, formerly of Union County, is engaged to Julia Marie Howe, of St. Louis, Missouri, daughter of Doug and Sheryl Howe of Davidson, North Carolina. The wedding will be held Nov. 1 at Dennis Vineyards, North Carolina.

Couple to marry Aug. 9
 Renee Buettner, daughter of Richard and Mindy Buettner, of West Mansfield, will marry Robert Warner, son of Eric and Susan Warner, of Richwood, on Saturday, Aug. 9.

Wedding planned for September
Rick and Deepa Anand, of Louisville, Ky. are happy to announce the engagement of their daughter, Rupika Anand to Nate Dunnington, son of Greg and Joette Dunnington, of West Mansfield. A September wedding in Chicago is planned with a second ceremony in New Delhi, India, scheduled for late October.

Couple set August wedding date
Alicia Dawn Price, daughter of Steve and Vicki Price, of Richwood, and Cody Eugene Beery, son of Mark Beery, of Marion, and Judy Beery, of Magnetic Springs, will be married Aug. 16, 2014, at the Marysville Grace Church in Marysville.

Couple plan outdoor wedding
Samantha Webb, daughter of Jeff (Pam) Webb, of Richwood, and the late Paula Webb, will wed Eli Gray, son of Dean Gray, Richwood. and Patty Gray, Millersburg. The outdoor wedding will be held July 12 in an outdoor evening ceremony at Willis Watkins property near LaRue, with Pastor Joe  Rhea officiating.

Couple to marry May 31
Kyle Wiley, son of Jim and Nancy Wiley, of Richwood, and Emily Rasey, daughter of Denny and Mary Rasey, of Richwood, will wed Saturday, May 31. The event will take place at the Richwood Church of Christ on Sivey Road.

Couple plan summer outdoor wedding
Patrick and Marilyn Morse, of Richwood, announce the engagement and upcoming marriage of their daughter, Jillian to Jason Hamilton, son of David and Sharon Hamilton, of Kenton. The couple will be married Saturday, June 28 in an outdoor ceremony near Marysville and will reside in Bellefontaine.

Couple plans for 2015 wedding
Lauren Buckland, daughter of Paul and Melissa (Conley) Robbins, of Richwood and Brian Buckland, of Prospect, announce the engagement of their daughter to Thomas McConahay, son of Joey and Stephanie Baker, of Marysville. The couple are planning a wedding for late 2015.

Couple plan August wedding
Kayce Leigh Miller, daughter of Robert Miller and Brandi Kendrick, of Florida, and Kenneth D. Greene, son of Charles and Donna Greene, of Richwood, are planning an August 2014 wedding in Florida.

Couple plans outdoor wedding
Darrin and Tammy White, of Richwood, announce the upcoming wedding of their daughter, Brittany White to Eric Jackson, son of Thomas and Kathy Jackson, of Richwood. An outdoor wedding is planned for Saturday, May 10, 2014. The couple will reside in Richwood.

Couple plan June 14 wedding
Mark and Kathy Knisley announce the engagement and upcoming wedding of their daughter Shianne April to Andrew Wesley Niles, son of Don and Alice Niles, of New Bloomington. An outdoor wedding is set for June 14 at the bride’s grandparents’ Bill and Margaret Sheets' farm on Kinney Pike, Richwood.

Couple plans June 28 wedding
Charles Ehret, son of Charles and Shelly Ehret, of Richwood and Jennifer Connelly, daughter of Rex and Kathy Connelly, of Grabill, IN, announce their engagement and upcoming wedding. The wedding will take place June 28, 2014, in Topeka, IN.

Couple plan June, 2014 wedding
James Dean and Carrie Cunningham, both of Marysville, announce their engagement and approaching marriage. The couple plan to be married June 14, 2014.

Couple plan for June, 2014 wedding
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Martin, of Richwood, announce the engagement of their daughter, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Martin, to Andrew Beatty, son of Mr. and Mrs. Quintin Beatty, of Marion. A wedding has been set for June 21, 2014, in Marion.

Couple plans 2014 wedding
Jovonny and Merry Smith, of Richwood, and Nadine Goodman, of Vermilion, announce the engagement of their children, Megan Nichole Smith and Bryce Russell Goodman. The couple, who currently reside in Arlington, Va., will have an Ohio wedding on May 31, 2014.

Couple to marry July 20
Roger and Terri Bugg, of Richwood, announce the engagement of their son, Mark Bugg, to Jessica Schafer, daughter of Dave and Barb Schafer, of Norwalk. The wedding will take place July 20 at St. Alphonsus Church in Norwalk.

Couple to marry May 19
Dave and Lynn Thompson, of Plano, Texas, and Matt and Connie Haller, of Richwood, are pleased to announce the engagement and approaching wedding of their children Peyton Thompson and John Haller. The wedding will take place at the 1899 Farmhouse in Plano, Texas, on May 19.

Couple plans 2014 wedding
Edna Smith and Eric Evans, of Delaware and Jim and Kim Rea, of Ostrander, announce the engagement of their children, Tiffany Michelle Smith and Christopher Matthew Rea. The wedding will take place in the summer of 2014.




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