Local Archived News   05/05  

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Mayor announces Village Administratoršs retirement
At the Monday, May 23 Village of Richwood meeting, Mayor Bill Nibert
informed Council that he had received Village Admin-istrator Jim Thompsonšs
retirement effective May 31, 2005. Thompson has been a Village employee for
10 years, and became the Acting Village Administra-tor in June 2004
replacing Ron Polen. Thompson was appointed Village Adminis-trator in
January 2005. Council will now begin the search for his replacement through
various websites, newspaper advertisements, and mailer lists. Thompson has
offered to continue with the Village as contract labor until a replacement
is appointed, however, Councilmember Arlene Blue stated that there may be
some liability issues that need addressed before a decision can be made.(for complete story subscribe to the Richwood Gazette)

NU School board gives recognition to retirees
    The theme of the evening was giving recognition to various members of
the school system when North Union School Board met on Monday, May 23.
    Prior to the meeting, a reception was held for retiring members of the
school district.  
    Jon Hall, school board president presented a plaque to Shelia Kitchen
for her 30 years as school bus driver and aide.
    Vaughn Williams, high school principal, received a gold bell,
acknowledging his five years at North Union. Williams accepted the
principal's job at North Union after coming out of retirement from Marion
    Also retiring, but unable to attend the reception was Jane Holtschulte.
She has served as the North Union Middle School music teacher for 30 years.(for complete story subscribe to the Richwood Gazette)

Local family adapts lifestyle for special needs daughter
    Raising a family has its trials and tribulations; even more of a
challenge when the family includes a special needs child. Josh and Tracy
Jamison, Richwood, are the parents of three children, Austin, age four,
Destiny, age three and  Madison who is seven months old.
    Destiny was born October 11, 2001, a month premature, weighing six lbs.
seven ounces, a seemingly healthy baby.
    After her six-month check-up, Destiny was admitted to the hospital for
failure to thrive, because she was not gaining enough weight. She was soon
diagnosed with a condition called "Glutaric Aciduria, Type 1."(for complete story subscribe to the Richwood Gazette)

From farming to carving; a new focus on life
When one has been an active farmer all his life, it is hard to give that
up - but Richard Gray found a way.
  In 1995 he and his wife, Emma, took a short trip to Archbold to visit
Sauder Village, a re-creation of a by-gone town. A wood carver working in
the village caught his eye and later, when Gray saw an ad offering beginning
wood carving classes, he enrolled.(for complete story subscribe to the Richwood Gazette)

Seniors should watch for prescription drug assistance application forms
Many local seniors will qualify for additional federal assistance under the
new Medicare prescription drug benefit, which takes effect January 1, 2006.
In late May or early June, seniors who may qualify for the assistance,
which will be made available to those with limited income and re-sources,
will receive information and application forms from the Social Security
With the federal assistance, Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in a drug
benefit plan will receive discounts on monthly premiums, deductibles and
co-payments.  The value can mean an additional $2,100 in savings to
Beneficiaries can now apply for the assistance at local Social Security
Administration offices and will be notified as to whether they qualify.(for complete story subscribe to the Richwood Gazette)

Village hears first readings to incorporate drug testing
At the Monday, May 9 Village of Richwood Council meeting, Council heard
and unanimously approved (6-0) a first reading on amending the Employee
Handbook to include a mandatory drug screening and physical examination for
all perspective employees.  Council members Arlene Blue and George Showalter
felt this measure would help protect the Village from being held financially
responsible for pre-existing conditions, and ensure the Village is hiring
able-bodied personnel.(for complete story subscribe to the Richwood Gazette)

NU Middle School Mock
Trial wins competition

Two teams of students from North Union Middle School participated in a
statewide mock trial competition at the Columbus Statehouse on Friday, April
29 against 22 teams.
    North Union Orange team won the Open Division with North Union Black
coming in third behind Canton Country Day School.(for complete story subscribe to the Richwood Gazette)

Two sentenced for making, selling "magic bullet" egg powder
Marilyn A. Coleman, age 59 of Richwood and Mitchell V. Kaminski, Jr., age 63
of Niles, Ill. were each sentenced in United States District Court to serve
five years of probation with six months of that time to be served in a
half-way house and an additional six months to be served on home confinement
with electronic monitoring.
The pair was convicted on July 23, 2003 for manufacturing and distributing
egg powders they claimed could cure a wide range of diseases. Their
sentences also requires them to jointly and severally pay restitution in the
amount of $33,604.32, and to each pay a $6,000 fine.(for complete story subscribe to the Richwood Gazette)

Alpacas make womanšs life more peaceful
    When you work two eight-hour shifts and two twelve-hour shifts a week as
an ER nurse at Grady Memorial Hospital and you are 60 years old, either you
are numb to the exigencies of life or attuned to lifešs great rhythms. Said
another way, the pulse of life beats beyond just getting through the day.
    Carol Verity of Magnetic Springs has learned how to capture joy amidst
her grueling schedule. She finds quiet, comfortable and renewing time on her
four acres at the edge of town..(for complete story subscribe to the Richwood Gazette)