Local Archived News   02/05  

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School Board may temporarily put ballot issue on hold
At the Monday, Feb. 14 North Union Local Board of Education meeting, the board passed 4-0 (Kevin Crosthwaite absent) to authorize Treasurer Scott Maruniak to request the removal of the districtıs 5-year, 5.8 mill emergency operating levy from the May 3, 2005 ballot. The levy, which raises $680,000 could be the only district-wide issue in this Primary Election. If the board
had decided to proceed, and the levy ended up being the only issue on the ballot, the district would have been accessed $6,500 for  election costs.(for the whole story subscribe to the Richwood Gazette)

Council approves gas line expense for Industrial Park Grove Street to be widened
    The opening of the Richwood Industrial Park is near completion and  MAI Manufacturing is hoping to begin operations at the end of March. But,Village Council was hit with another bump in the road.(for the whole story subscribe to the Richwood Gazette)

People, Pets and Personalities
Two women who love and share their lives with llamas
Cyndy Schmohe and Linda Pohly have a great affection for the llama. The
llama, Schmohe discovered on her trip years ago to Machu Pichu where the
llama originated, is a very unique and lovable species. "They become
family," she said. "Each one is different. I have raised every kind of
animal and none has the brains or personality of a llama." She continued, "I
used to train horses. A llama can learn in one afternoon what it took me a
week to teach a horse!"(for the whole story subscribe to the Richwood Gazette)

"Moooove" over Coke...we've "got milk"
    The North Union FFA club took a leap of faith by purchasing a milk
machine for $4200 and placing it in the high school cafeteria. The project
is to make money to support FFA scholarships and FFA camp. So far, their
faith is a big hit. (for the whole story subscribe to the Richwood Gazette)

Support Group looking for Union county soldiers
The Union County Military Family Support Group is looking for the names,
addresses and email addresses of all Union County servicemen S active
military, reservists or National Guard serving state-side or overseas. (for the whole story subscribe to the Richwood Gazette)