Local Archived News   04/05  

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Village Clean-up Day slated for May 21
At the Monday, April 25 Village of Richwood Council meeting, Mayor Bill
Nibert informed Council that local businessman Jim Dillion is offering his
salvage services once again to the Village.  Therefore, the 2005 Village of
Richwood Clean-up Day has been scheduled for Saturday, May 21 from 8 a.m. to
5 p.m.  (for complete story subscribe to the Richwood Gazette)

The Vietnam WarS 2005 marks 30th anniversary
Union County Veterans  Service Exec. Director Vietnam. For this writer, itıs a word that conjures a host of thoughts. I graduated from North Union High School in June 1968, and from 1966 through 1973, the War affected all of us in one way or another. We were the Vietnam War generation. For the ones who remained at home, we watched as all three news stations brought the war into our living rooms. Cameras showed us vivid
images of the war and we became  eyewitnesses to the horrific tragedies surrounding it.(for complete story subscribe to the Richwood Gazette)

Holman named NUHS principal
The North Union Local Board of Education took action Monday to name Eric
T. Holman as the new principal of North Union High School. Holman will
assume his new duties on Monday, Aug. 1, replacing Vaughn Williams, who is
returning to retirement. (for complete story subscribe to the Richwood Gazette)

UW Volunteers give of themselves to help others
By Dave Bezusko, Campaign & PR Director United Way of Union County
For more than 11 years, Plain Cityıs Dave and Jane Garey have been
volunteer drivers for Memorial Meals, a United Way Member Agency.  Twice a
week, they
gather with the rest of the volunteers at Memorial Hospital, pick up the
warm, nutritious meals prepared by hospital staff, hop in the car, and head
North.(for complete story subscribe to the Richwood Gazette)

Richwood Police Officers depend on auxiliary force
While people living in  the Village of Richwood go about their daily
business and while they sleep at night, four volunteers, who proudly wear
the badge and uniform of the Richwood Police Department are on duty to
protect and  serve. They are members of the Auxiliary Police Department.(for complete story subscribe to the Richwood Gazette)

Council addresses sewer problems
with sanitary sewer system

In the absence of Mayor Bill Nibert, Council President Peg Wiley called
the Monday, April 11 meeting to order.
 Ed Bischoff, Bischoff, Miller, and Associates, addressed Council on the
state of the sanitary sewer system.(for complete story subscribe to the Richwood Gazette)


People, Pets and Personalities
Wolfhounds, Cockatiels & Persians S  theyıre all in the family

Karyl Akers tells the story of the Irish Lord who left his favorite Wolfhound in the nursery with his infant son. When the Lord returned, he found blood splattered all over the room, and the bed where his son had been sleeping was torn to bits. Thinking the worst, he grabbed his gun and shot the dog, only to hear a faint cry from under the bed; his son, alive! But, as he reached for the infant, his hand passed over the body of a large, eviscerated wolf laying beside the child.
This tragic tale poignantly emphasizes what Akers admires about the Irish Wolfhounds she has come to love.(for complete story subscribe to the Richwood Gazette)

North Union District Veterans Memorial funds surpass $30,000 mark

³Please do whatever you have to do to get this memorial built in our
community. These are the words of a local WWII veteran who is looking forward to
seeing the North Union Veterans Memorial project come to fruition at Richwood Lake.
The landmark is to be a tribute to all veterans, past, present and future,
in the current North Union School District. Itıs been nearly one year since the fundraising campaign began. According to Union County Veteranıs Office Executive Director Gail DeGood-Guy, to date, $30,100 has been raised for the project. There have been 260 veteranıs 4²x8² bricks, 17 of the 4²x8² sidewalk bricks, ten 8²x8² sidewalk bricks and four of the stars to veteran organizations sold. The Memorial project comes with a $90,000 price tag. According to DeGood-Guy, there have been many pledges made which still need to be
collected.(for complete story subscribe to the Richwood Gazette)